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Church membership is important.

Especially in today’s low commitment culture, and Ithaca’s transient society, church membership is your declaration that “I am a part of this church” and the church’s declaration that “you are a part of us.” In church membership, we take vows and make commitments to one another and covenant to be the body of Christ together and do the work of the church.  In so doing, our unity presents the “light on the hill” to a watching world (Matthew 5:14–16).


Anyone who professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior, manifests the fruit of the Holy Spirit in character and deed, has been baptized, and is in substantial accord with the church Statement of Faith, governing Bylaws, and Membership Covenant of Christ Chapel may become a candidate for membership.


Dual membership is available for those who anticipate being in Ithaca for five years or less and who wish to maintain their membership with their home church.


Membership Process


  1. Attend a Chapel Orientation class. If none is scheduled, let Pastor Steve or Pastor Ben know of your interest, and they will let you know when the next class is scheduled.

  2. Complete the membership application form and submit a written testimony.

  3. Attend a brief interview with several elders.

  4. Congregational vote and welcome during a Sunday service.

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